NIMA Brush Elite: Amazeballs

If you saw my piece on Irish beauty brands in Xpose magazine you'll know just how impressed I am with Nima Brush. These beauty brushes are on par with MAC's but at a much more reasonable price point, and have become an essential part of my daily routine. They wash and wear well and the strong, sturdy handles and super soft brush heads mean they're an absolute pleasure to use.

NIMA Brush Elite Collection of Makeup Brushes

And the latest addition to the NIMA Brush range, the Elite collection, is no different. If anything, I like it even more than the Professional range because the new brushes just look so pretty, with their shiny rose gold ferules and even chunkier white handles. They fit really nicely in my hands and the three kabuki brushes I was sent have quickly become firm favourites, creating a foolproof, flawless base in no time at all.

NIMA Brush Elite Collection of Makeup Brushes

They're well priced, too with this trio coming in at €35, a trio of duo fibres being offered at the same price and a 5 piece eye set priced at just €25. The whole kit and caboodle can be yours for €105 which includes 12 brushes, and a sturdy cylinder to house them in.

NIMA Brush Elite Collection of Makeup Brushes

Check out the website or Facebook page for more, and tell me -  what's your very favourite beauty brush brand?

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