Find Shopping A Struggle? See Fashion In A Completely New Light!

Find Shopping A Struggle?

Do you find it hard to keep up with the latest fashions? When you and your friends hit the shops, do you end up picking up the first thing you see, just to get out of there? Is your wardrobe packed with clothes that have seen better days? 

If that sounds familiar, you're in luck: I've partnered with Optimax to bring you some tips that should help you see fashion in a completely new light - and make you look as amazing as you feel.

Fashion should  be fun!

Everyone's different

Fashion can be confusing - it can feel like you have to keep up to date with the current trends at all times. But you don't have to look the same as everyone else  - it's important to keep your sense of identity, and remember everyone is different. Have a think about your individual style, and then adapt the trends to fit. Or ignore them completely! I'm waffling on about my own personal style here. 

Buy clothes that fit

Whether you're a size 0 or a size 18, try to wear clothes that fit properly. Ignore the temptation to squeeze into something too small, because you don't want to try a size up - we've all been there! Equally, don't hide away in an oversized t-shirt that will completely swamp you. You'll always look your best in clothes in the right size, so make sure everything you buy measures up.

Enjoy the Shopping Experience

Don't Be Afraid To Take A Risk

It can be easy to get stuck in a rut, style wise. One day I woke up and realised I owned 8 versions of the same ASOS dress. Now whenever I'm shopping I try on at least one item I wouldn't normally go for...just to see. You can end up with the most glorious finds (or just have a bit of a giggle at how ridiculous you look - and try again next time!). 

Hit The Shops

The easiest way to keep up with what's in fashion (apart from reading your favourite blogs!) is to take regular trips round the shops. Budgets might mean we can't always buy - but it's still nice to know what's out there. And that's when wish lists come in! 

Look At Things Differently!

Although your glasses might be in fashion right now, will you always think they're quite as cool? To make sure your frames aren't stopping you from becoming a fashion goddess, you may want to consider corrective laser eye surgery to eliminate your need for them at all.  

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