Rediscovering The Beauty Of The Daily Deal!

Have you heard about The Beanbag Cinema in Dublin? It sounds amazing - a pop up cinema that shows classic movies from the comfort of - you guessed it - giant beanbag seats. Well I hadn't heard of it either - until my mum bought my brother a Groupon for it this Christmas. Guess my finger's not quite firmly on the pulse! 

Groupon Daily Deal

I've written about Groupon before, and all the many ways they've brightened up my life. When the site first launched, it seemed like such an amazing blessing - a chance to keep a little luxury in our lives, despite the financial apocalypse.

Over the five years they've been around, I think a little bit of deal fatigue set in. It's not quite as common now to make plans with friends, solely based around our latest groupons. Or to have a pile of them at home, to be sorted and consulted before making weekend plans.
But this December and January, Mr Fluff and I have rediscovered the joy and the wonder of the daily deal. We use the site in very different ways - my buys are treats, mostly beauty, travel or food, whereas his tend to be more practical. He's picked up a few carwash deals, for example, along with a boiler service, and a 2-hour session with a handyman.

Of course, I think my way is the best. Right now, despite money being tighter than ever, I have these to look forward to: a lobster dinner, a two week manicure and pedicure, and an overnight hotel stay. Oh, and a pair of crystal ear-rings are coming my way, too.
As Mr Fluff said: It's gonna be a helluva fancy January.

 *This is a partnered post, but as always all opinions are 100% my own*

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