Five Handbags That Every Woman Should Own!

I am very hard on handbags. I tend to buy one, overstuff it, throw it around, drag it with me everywhere and generally, wear it to death. Eventually something breaks or frays or tarnishes, I buy a new one, and the cycle starts again. I don't own a single designer bag - mostly because the only one I want, the classic Chanel 2.55 (black with gold hardware, in case Santa is listening) is about three and a half grand - so I always buy from the highstreet, and normally in a panic.

I have decided it is time to build up my handbag wardrobe and have been giving a bit of thought to the types of basic bags that every woman should own. Here's what I've come up with so far:

Five Handbags Every Woman Should Own

ONE: The big basic everyday bag
My current one has literally burst at the seams so replacing it is an urgent priority! I want something big and roomy that will go with most of my wardrobe. So far this square stud shopper from Warehouse is the front runner. It's £46 or €61 so it's pretty reasonable and it has a removable cross body strap so it's handy for lugging all of my junk to work with me and back.

TWO: The overnight/weekend bag
For overnight bags I really love Friis and Co - this Danish brand is edgy, affordabe and super stylish. I can't get enough of studs right now so this spacious Estime bag, €79.95,  is calling my name.

THREE: The evening clutch
Something sparkly for evening is another essential and this one is just about perfect. I snapped it up as soon as I spotted it last weekend - it's from Penneys (Primark) and it was just €9.99!

FOUR: The casual bag
This mostly comes into its own for holidays and festivals - you need something with a cross body strap for security, and with a casual-chic vibe. I really like bucket handbags like this one, with its drawstring and tassel, which is big enough for all your essentials but not too big to be carrying around all day.

FIVE: Structured ladylike bag
There will be times when a giant everyday bag or a sparkly evening clutch just won't do. Times like, ooh, afternoon tea, or the theatre or a job interview - they might not crop up too often but when they do, it's best to be prepared. This is when my Chanel 2.55 would come in to play (SOB) but until that fateful day, something like this quilted bowler bag from Karen Millen would suffice.

So those are my handbag essentials - I'd love to know yours!

**This is a partenered post, in association with Wild Pair, but as always, my opinions are 100% my own**

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